San Francisco Filipino Lantern Festival

Parol Lanterns Commissioned by KULARTS
Collaboration with Lynn Luzano Bryant

Archipelago Lantern

December 2015

Welded pinrod dodecahedron frame
Paneled with polycarbonate and fabric
Small 3D printed, hand painted marine mammals hung inside the side triangles
Custom LED lighting
Sculpture rotates on legs with electrical slip ring

3D modeling in Rhinoceros
Frame welding
Polycarbonate panel fabrication
3D printed marine mammals design and painting
LED design and soldering
Tripod design

Obelisk Lantern

December 2016

Etched, slotted radial acrylic panels create the main obelisk form
Stained plywood legs with etched Filipino tribal patterns
Custom LED strip lights illuminate acrylic panels

3D modeling in Rhinoceros
Plywood base fabrication
LED strip design and soldering